Predictive combines DRTV media data with your telemarketing, web and fulfillment data into a single data warehouse giving you access through a simple, yet robust data visualization tool. This allows you to look at your campaign in every imaginable way, answering questions in order to make better decisions. Results can be displayed with a wide range of reporting and graphical options and shared with others in an interactive web based environment.

More detail on the 3 Step process:

Step 1 - Aggregate And Match Data

We connect with your partners to gather and match all telemarketing, fulfillment, web response and customer data to the specific media that produced it. This is all placed in an easy-to-understand fact and dimension data warehouse.

Standard media exports from Catalyst, Core Media, BCC AdSystems, InfoTech MMS etc. are automatically processed into our data warehouse. Other media can also be added through standard media formats.

Fulfillment order and customer details are matched by the unique identifier provided in the telemarketing data to the specific media spot that generated them. We keep the file formats simple and flexible to ensure they are easy to produce and maintain.

Telemarketing or other response data is matched to media based on a combination of phone number, offer code, geography and recency. A separate analysis cube is created to enable analysis of all available response data. Many DRTV telemarketing companies are already integrated so setup is usually a simple process.

Web orders provide a unique challenge to match and credit the media spot that produced them and we do so using customizable logic to produce the best possible match. Geography, recency, offer and URL are all considered to narrow the possible matches.

Step 2 - Direct Access To Your Data

You have direct access to your data to build reports, visualizations and dashboards based on your specific needs, in an intuitive drag-and-drop tool.

The matching of your media data to telemarketing, fulfillment and web data provides the ability to report on your data from many different angles and gain unique insight. However, it is the direct access to your data that truly differentiates Predictive Solutions from other reporting and analytics options.

We leverage an award winning analytics and visualization tool from Tableau Software. With over 40,000 users worldwide you will never left behind by technology changes. Tableau allows users of all levels to produce compelling results without waiting for scarce, expensive technical resources to produce the reports or analysis you need.

Detailed documentation, online training and tutorials are available on demand, anytime you need them to help improve your understanding of the tools and answer your questions.

Direct, permission-based access
Tool is connected directly to the measures and dimensions of your data
No barriers between the marketer and the data

Answer any question with an easy drag & drop interface
Display information visually in seconds
Answer a series of questions using interactive visual analysis
Customize the data fields with naming that makes sense

Your numbers convert into multi-dimensional visualizations
Look at unlimited factors simultaneously
In one click, create interactive maps
Add one factor at a time to understand its effects
Find answers using the science of information visualization

Filter and zoom into data
Make on-the-fly calculations and groups
Create detailed analytical maps from your geographic data
Compute growth, moving averages, totals and more
Time series: Drill from years to months to seconds

Step 3 - Share Interactive Analyses
Share insights with your vendors and team members on the web who can interact with (filter, group, export, comment on) your reports, visualizations and analysis anytime. This way your team can participate in decisions using real numbers instead of guesses and assumptions.

As the report designer you have the option to publish single reports, dashboards or a series of guided analyses. Users have defined permissions to either interact with or simply view what you create. An interactive user has the ability to utilize all filters that you have created as well as group, include/exclude values and export data or visuals to other applications.

Publish interactive dashboards to the web
Add formatting and annotations
Create analytic workflows to guide users through your results
Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other applications

Highlight and filter related data across all the displays
Insert web pages and documents for greater explanation and insight
Create dashboards based on live data
Customize each visual display with comments, logos etc.

The solution, offered "On-Demand", means that there is no hardware or software on your side and instead of an expensive, high-risk, custom application, we provide a solution used by many other DRTV marketers where you pay as you go. As margins get smaller, marketers must take advantage of every opportunity to maximize profitability. This includes the ability to improve media decisions based on those that generated more successful payments, a higher number of web orders or more continuity turns. In addition, marketers who use more than one media company benefit from looking at all of the data together, enabling comparisons across all metrics and ensuring that media buys across companies are done according to previous results that otherwise those companies would not have access to.